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Aqua Co2 + HA Serum Bundle

Aqua Co2 + HA Serum Bundle

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This bundle consists of 1x 30ml HA Serum + 1 box of 5s Aqua Co2 Mask.

Hyaluronic Acid, also know as Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronan, is a naturally inborn substance in human body.  It is an important structural component of skin that creates volume and shape.  It is found naturally in the body tissue and dermis as a transparent form which can hold 500 times its own weight in water (collagen holds 30 times) to strengthen your skin cells' ability to retain moisture and absorb nutrients more effectively.

Aqua Co2 Mask



  •  Attracts and binds water molecules, provides intensive level of hydration to skin.
  • Helps to speed up water permeation to the skin and results in long lasting moisturizing effect up to 24 hours.
  • Ultimately solving the problem of bottom layer of cell and hence achieves the function of skin brightening, revitalizing and restoring.

HA Hydrating Serum



  • Retains and replenishes skin moisture to keep the skin moist round the clock.
  • Softens and moisturizes rough and dry skin.
  • Skin becomes more cushioned, plumped. It reduces fine lines and provides age-delaying effect.
  • Protects against dehydrated skin, improves skin elasticity and youthful glow
  • Replenishes skin cells an regenerates tissue damages during injury.

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