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AHA Emulsion and Blemish Solution Bundle

AHA Emulsion and Blemish Solution Bundle

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A combination to treat blemishes and lighten existing marks.


AHA Emulsion 30ml:

This daily treatment offers a gentle exfoliating action without irritating the skin.  It helps to boost skin renewal and regenerate skin.

*Product colour naturally evolves over time but formula remains effective. May cause a slight tingling sensation.


Benefit of AHA Emulsion:

  • Water retaining function
  • Reduces dry and rough skin


Blemish Solution: (Not recommended for use during pregnancy)

  • It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing function.
  • Effective in lifting away pore-clogging dead surface skin cells, preventing blemish breakout.
  • Helps to regulate the sebaceous gland and eliminate the excess of oil. It also has properties of astringency and pores minimization.
  • A solution for skin imperfections and blemishes.