March – eFresh Singapore


8th March is International Women's Day. As a woman, we all know how important we are and at eFresh we are with you on this! Thus to celebrate this very important occasion, here are the promotions for the month of March!

We are not only having promotion bundles in March, we are also giving away this sweet kitty headband for the 1st 50 customers who purchased any of the March promotional bundles.  This headband is your perfect BFF for eFresh masking session. *Colours are given ramdomly.

( more headbands added, updated 12th March)


That's not all for March!
For the 1st 50 customers who purchased $500 and above (Calculated after any discount). There will be a box of free Q10 CO2 mask waiting for you! ( FOC Q10 Mask still available updated 12th March)

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.